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David Wright
Financial Planning Director
What inspires you to work at Woodgate every day?

As a Financial Planner my responsibility is to help my Client community get and keep the life they want. To inspire them to do the things that they are motivated to do, helping them to identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle, so they end up with a life well lived.


My Clients aren’t interested in financial products or investments. They want the peace of mind and security of knowing where they’re heading financially and knowing what they need to do to secure the life they wish for. It’s a simple process through proper financial planning - we work to help them understand ‘how much is ENOUGH’, as well as their financial number (the amount they need to keep living the life they want).


I see my role in their lives as helping them accumulate it, manage it, protect it and most importantly ENJOY it!

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01509 635467
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