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Going for the Pension Gold Standard!

There is huge interest in how to get the most out of your pension, as well as whether or not to transfer. Moving out from an employer run scheme can sound very attractive, but there is a lot of poor advice out there. If you, or someone you know, needs advice regarding a final salary pension, how can they be sure that their adviser is competent and on their side?

David Jones, Financial Planning Manager, explains a new benchmark that can give you confidence you're getting good advice.

Deciding whether to transfer or not is one of the most important financial decisions you could ever make, so it is crucial that you seek advice from a firm who are recognised as adhering to the highest levels of ethical and professional standards.

At Woodgate Financial Planning, we have always prided ourselves on being such a company, so when we heard that there is now another way to be recognised as such we were naturally keen to take part.

We are therefore proud to announce that we have successfully adopted the Pension Transfer Gold Standard, a code of conduct introduced by The Pensions Advice Taskforce.

This Gold Standard is an important badge for consumers seeking top-quality advice. It means that you can be confident in our ability to:

  • Communicate information to you in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading

  • Help you decide whether taking advice is appropriate, before you incur any costs in doing so

  • Be fully transparent and ensure you understand all the costs involved

  • Use our technical skills to give you the best chance of meeting your objectives

  • Only recommend mainstream investments from regulated investment companies

  • Share with you our experiences and the outcomes of advising other people on transfers

We work with our clients day in, day out to help them towards a secure and successful retirement, and we have many decades of experience in this crucially important area. If you are already a client of ours this should all sound familiar, but if not this new benchmark will help to give you any reassurance you might need that we are the right advice firm for you.

If you’d like more information about how we could help you, or someone you know, make this very important decision, please call us at on 01509 635467 or email the team at


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