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October 2022 Investment Update

Andy Jervis, Director at Woodgate Financial Planning, met with fellow Woodgate Director and Head of our Investment Committee, Richard Urwin last week to take a look back at the last few months and see how our client's portfolios have been performing against the turmoil caused by world events. The conversation covers what we might expect for the future and our advice on what you should (or shouldn't) be doing.

We need to remind you that none of the specific investments or strategies discussed in this interview are intended as a recommendation to invest. We will only ever provide you with specific investment recommendations after consideration of your personal circumstances, needs and goals as well as a range of other factors. The value of some of the investments mentioned can fall as well as rise in value. Contact us for more information about our financial planning and investment process.

You can watch the video or listen to the audio podcast. Just click on the appropriate image below.

Watch the video below

Listen to the podcast below

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