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Celebrating International Day Of Older Persons

This month the world celebrated the International Day Of Older Persons. We want to continue the celebration by helping those of retirement age and beyond. Whether it's a Financial or Retirement Plan, here's how we can help you plan, manage and protect your future.

International Older Person's day is an annual event to recognise the contributions of older persons to society, as well as recognise some of the issues they face. Previous years have seen countries raise awareness about ageism, and celebrate older human rights champions.

This year, we want to celebrate the event by showing how we can help you live life to the full by finding financial freedom. To us, this means arranging your affairs to be able to live the life you want, whilst ensuring that you have the peace of mind that goes with knowing that everything is in its place, and that your family will be looked after, now and in the future. Here's how we can help you.

Financial and Retirement Plan Do you ever feel worried about the future? About how to manage your wealth, or be able to achieve the goals that are important to you? Perhaps you're not worried, but the nuances of managing your financial future seems very overwhelming. Or maybe you're fully aware of your money situation and know what needs doing, but you just don't have the time to get it all sorted and stay on top of things. Especially when tax comes into play, or you're not sure where or how to invest. Our job is to dissolve these uncertainties. It starts with working out what's important about money to you. We use an exercise called the Financial Road Map to help you figure out your core values. Why do you work? What drives you? How do you want to invest your time? What does a happy future look like to you?  From there we weave together a bespoke Financial Plan, manage your current financial needs and work towards making your future goals a reality. We'll do all the hard work, so you can focus on enjoying life. Your Financial Plan, put together by us and approved by you, will be the foundation for your future. But making great money decisions is not a one-off experience, it's a lifelong journey. It's one that we'll share with you every step of the way, reviewing, adjusting and amending your Plan to give you the highest probability of achieving your goals, and making sure that your financial house is in order today, tomorrow, and every day into the future.

Some other elements that can be part in your financial plan include care fee planning, investments and wealth management, tax planning and more. Take a look on our website here for more information.

At Woodgate Financial Planning, we build strong and enduring personal relationships with our clients using the principles of Values-Based Financial PlanningTM. An effective Financial Plan is not just a dry written document but a lifelong journey, and we aim to be by your side throughout to help you to achieve and celebrate everything that you want in life.

If this sounds like the sort of relationship that you would enjoy, contact us now to take the first step.


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