Planting In Shared Spaces

For the past few years, Kelly Baldry, an expert gardener, has been looking after the office gardens at our associated business, Chesterton House. This month Kelly released a book on planting in shared spaces, inspiring us on how they can positively influence our surroundings.

Kelly describes his book, Grasses and Perennials- Sustainable Planting For Shared Spaces, as outlining the principles for successfully planting shared spaces - the places we see and work at every day. Split into four chapters, the book delves into Kelly's experience maintaining gardens, as well as how to plant successfully in such spaces.

Whether you're interested in gardening or want to know more about planting in shared spaces, Kelly's book gives an expert insight into growing and maintaining a variety of plants, flowers and grasses.

Kelly says: " The aim is to contribute to the discussion about how planted spaces can positively influence our surroundings while being environmentally friendly, sustainable and stimulating. I have written the book I wish I had read at the beginning of my gardening career.

"People really do care about the views they see every day, the maintenance of our shared spaces makes a statement - it says that we care about our environment and our well-being."

The images on the right show photos of plants maintained by Kelly, followed by a photo of the garden at Chesterton House. The wonderful gardens at Chesterton House are prominently featured in Grasses and Perennials, which is available in paperback and on the Kindle, from Amazon here.

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