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What we did on a crisp January morning…

Jenny Jervis, our marketing manager, writes...Driving into the car park we could see a group of people chatting and laughing. ‘I wonder where everyone is?’ I teased as we found our way to a free parking space. Traditionally we hold our annual Team Day in January, a day to share our successes from the previous year, celebrate the achievements of individuals in the team, and look to the future. It’s usually a great day and one that takes several weeks of planning, but we had made the decision to postpone the event because some of the key players were having to self-isolate.

Our Team were disappointed not to get together and so, undeterred, we layered up and donned our walking boots for a Covid safe outdoor walk at well known Leicestershire beauty spot, Bradgate Country Park. If you had arrived at the Newtown Linford Bradgate entrance at 9.30am on Tuesday morning you would have wondered what you might be missing out on, as we met with good cheer and several Team-members’ dogs in tow. With careful planning we departed in small groups, walking along the main path heading towards the Cropston Hallgates entrance. Lively conversation and lots of hearty laughs could be heard as we ambled along,

all signs of colleagues enjoying spending some time together. 2021 saw an unprecedented number of new faces to the business, all of whom play a vital role in providing our high level of service to you. From Administrators and Paraplanners, who do a large amount of work making sure your investments are working hard for you, to our new Solicitor, Conveyancing Assistant, Compliance Managers and Accountants who work equally hard to make sure your financial house is in perfect order – and to keep it that way. As we progressed along our walk it was clear to see that, despite this being the first time some people in the Team had met in person, the energy and ease with which everyone interacted was infectious.

Once we arrived at Hallgates some of the Team headed back the way we had come, while the rest of us continued on towards the Hunts Hill entrance and Old John. Some of us with hindsight should’ve bought some wellies – it was a bit squelchy underfoot – but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, or take any of the emotional pain out of it when poor Dan slipped over and ended up in a muddy puddle!

Of course, we were all alerted to it with the raucous cheer that went up. I wonder if he’ll live that one down… Probably not now I’ve shared it with the world! Just to rub it in a bit more here's a photo of the puddle he landed in! From Old John we continued our circuit of the park past the cenotaph and back towards the Newtown Linford car park. Although many of the Team have visited Bradgate before, this stretch of the walk was new ground for some and many marvelled at learning something new about a place they thought was familiar. As we arrived back in the car park with everyone feeling refreshed from the morning’s activity, there were warm suggestions to do this more often - a sign that not only was our morning walk a great idea, but that we have a fantastic and united Team who enjoy each other’s company and will go out of their way to support each other to create the best outcome for our Clients and each other.

We’re planning to hold our normal Team Day on 23rd February, and hopefully by then a bit more of the sting will have gone out of the covid outbreak. In the meantime the shot of enthusiasm and camaraderie that we experienced on a simple walk with colleagues around a lovely local beauty spot will keep us fired up to serve you even better.



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