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The Charnwood Challenge

We're going to show off about our clients again!

On 22nd September 2019, Emma and Toby Miles helped to organise a local event called the Charnwood Challenge, in which a total of 132 runners and walkers completed the challenging 10-mile off-road course over Windmill Hill, Broombriggs, and Beacon Hill. The day also saw 81 children complete the 1-mile Junior Challenge local to the scout group headquarters.

The race winner: Tim Hartley from Barrow Runners
The race winner: Tim Hartley from Barrow Runners

This is the second time they had ever run the event, and according to Emma and Toby:

"The event ran very smoothly on the day, and we had a large number of positive comments afterwards from the people we spoke with, and those that have posted online since."

The Charnwood Challenge was created to help raise funds towards a new building for the 1st Nanpantan Scout group, and we made a contribution because it's a fantastic cause.

According to their official website, Scouts want to:

"empower more young people to take a stand. To raise their voices and stand tall, closing the gaps between people and generations. Most importantly, we want to gift them with the confidence and skills they need to recognise their ability and go out in the world blazing a trail."

Woodgate's financial sponsorship was put towards the purchase of specially designed cloth badges for everyone who successfully completed the event – which for some people was, in effect, their first ‘scout’ badge!

Proposed Changes to the Building:

Scouts can't continue to help young people without sufficient facilities, so the new Nanpantan Scout group building is a must-have! We were delighted to hear that they managed to raise £2,500, which is a huge boost to their fundraising efforts.

Here's what the building currently looks like:

And here's how the 1st Nanpantan Scouts group envision their new building:

Emma and Toby's Weather Report:

"Having seen the weather forecast in the days leading up to the event, especially with such a nice day on the Saturday, were a little concerned whether the rain might dampen spirits for the event. However, we were extremely lucky in that the worst seemed to come just before things got going in the morning, and then after everyone was safely back."

Emma and Toby hope to build on the enthusiasm for the event, from both competitors and within the scout group, if they decide to hold it for a third time next year.

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