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The Quorn Ukulele Orchestra – aka “The QUO”

Mick Clowes attended our Garden Party in 2018, and told us about his association with the Quorn Ukulele Orchestra, or "The QUO" (no relation to Status Quo). They may not exactly be Rockin' All Over The World, but we're sure they could play Whatever You Want if you come Down Down to one of their live performances (sorry).

Anyway, let's hear what Mick has to say about the Quorn Ukulele Orchestra!

A chance meeting between ourselves and one of our Quorn Parish Councillors revealed our mutual love of that much maligned instrument – the Ukulele. We wondered if there may be other “secret strummers” in the area and arranged a get-together in the village hall the following week, which was advertised on our village social media site.

Amazingly, 18 people of varying abilities turned up, most of whom remain loyal to this day. Amongst those was someone who graciously agreed to become our mentor, and off we went into the great unknown. That first Thursday evening practise was taken in a light-hearted vein, with everyone leaving with a smile on their face and eager to return the following week.

Eighteen months down the line, we have a committee, an appropriate constitution, a beginner’s introduction course and a healthy membership approaching 40. We now have three tutors one of whom is a professional entertainer on cruise liners!

We play live to raise money for our three local charities – The Carpenter’s Arms Rehabilitation Centre, Coping with Cancer and Living Without Abuse. By the time of our Christmas show “Yulekulele” we hope to be able to give each charity in excess of £300, at a special presentation during the show. Long may this trend continue.

We are not merely a ukulele band, we are now 40 friends who enjoy each other’s company enormously and perform live to the best of our ability, but more importantly, sink or swim we do it together. I think you’ll agree that’s not a bad outcome from a sketchy idea of 18 months ago.

Fancy having a go? Don’t know one end of a ukulele from the other? Don’t panic, just contact the QUO via Bob Parks at

Written by Mick Clowes.

We can all agree that Mick and the Quorn Ukulele Orchestra are doing fantastic work for a series of worthwhile causes. What brings it all together is that they are banding together, using their passion, to create happiness, entertainment and opportunities. Just from the picture above you can tell they are a happy bunch!

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